Exhibition 2024 : until November 11

Exceptional tableware and unusual creations

The arts of the table provide the ideal setting for a convivial atmosphere, fruitful discussions and unusual encounters. They allow us to discover different traditions, countries and aesthetics, as well as services with historical value. Every exhibition is an invitation to travel through time and space.

After all, isn’t the best omen of a successful dinner to be found in the admiring, even dazzled gaze cast upon a beautiful table? The pleasure of shapes, materials and decorations: earthenware, porcelain for plates, crystal for glasses, silver or vermeil for cutlery. Also featured are creations by Christine Viennet and Philippe Orliac.

Assiettes Philippe Orliac - Longchamp
Une tête signée Christine Viennet.

In the windows

Guestbook: excerpts

Every year, a guestbook is made available to visitors wishing to share their impressions. We have leafed through it and selected a few.

  • We’re coming from Strasbourg and spending the night in Arnay-le-Duc, especially to discover this beautiful museum.
    Danièle and Paul

  • As always, a very fine exhibition, so well thought out, designed and produced.
    Bravo again for this vintage. Longchamp in the spotlight.
    Congratulations to Mrs Deloince for her commitment, which deserves to be recognised at every level.
    Marie-Françoise and Philippe

  • Many thanks from the Centre Nicolas Rolin, a wonderful discovery and a warm welcome.

  • What refinement and beauty! A marvellous moment that brings back memories of large family gatherings on festive days.

  • A marvellous journey where you’re amazed at every window! What a feast for the eyes. I’ll be back soon to see all these beauties again.
    Isabelle and Martine

  • Magnificent museum rich in diverse and varied pieces. The place is also rich in history. Thank you to your association for allowing us to see so much beauty.
    Alain and Joëlle

  • It’s always the same wonder, year after year, exhibition after exhibition, in this museum that knows how to renew itself at such a pace: it’s hard to imagine.
    Well done!

  • Congratulations again on this exhibition, which is in line with all the previous ones: originality, quality, presentation… It’s always a pleasure to come and spend some time here. Long live the Maison des Arts de la table.
    Jean-Pierre and Arlette – Quarré-les-Tombes

  • Congratulations on your presentation of beauty, expertise, different styles and treasures of table culture. Thank you for your commitment to Arnay and the region.
    Dorothe and Georg Promenois

  • This exhibition plunges us into the beauty of exceptional tables. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do so tastefully.

Practical information



+33 3 80 90 11 59


Open until November 11

10 to 12 am and 2 to 6 pm
except on Monday morning.


Store area



15, rue Saint-Jacques
21230 Arnay-le-Duc



6 € for one person
Reduced rate and group rate: 5 €.
Children : free until 8 years old.
Cards, checks, cash.