Exhibition 2023

Festive delicacies

From the galette des Rois to the thirteen desserts

It’s winter, the days are short, it’s grey and cold, but the holiday season brings its share of compensating sweets
The kitchens are filled with the scent of spices and baking cakes. In many regions, Christmas, Epiphany … have their dedicated recipes. Bredele, gingerbread, kouglofs … so many delicacies that use moulds, cookie cutters, specific objects.
As for the santons, they are inseparable from the thirteen desserts. And the beans, so various that they are the joy of collectors, are nestled in the frangipane of the galettes des Rois.
On the occasion of its 2023 exhibition, the Regional Tableware House honours these festive objects and publishes a charm.

Follow the link to watch Jean-Pierre Deschamps’ video on the Maison régionale and the exhibition.


A santon man
A galette topped by a crown, with a bean.
A santon (woman).

In the windows

Guestbook: excerpts

Every year, a guestbook is made available to visitors who wish to share their impressions.
We have leafed through it and selected the most representative ones.

  •  An extraordinary exhibition. A must for Burgundians and others who don’t know it.
    Well done to the person who welcomed us.

  • An exhibition just as magnificent as the previous ones. But what a staging of so many small subjects. A journey through time, space and the imagination. Well done.

  • From Christmas to Epiphany, santons, and above all fava beans, naïve, clever, simple, rich, original, surprising, severe, funny, universal…
    Well done to Éveline and the Arts de la table team. But how do they do it?
    Amazed and perplexed.

  • Beans like so many little jewels presented with taste and creativity in a place that has kept its soul.
    Well done to the whole team.

  • This fabulous exhibition deserves to be widely publicised. It’s got everything. All the fields are represented by these miniatures. And well done to the volunteers for this feat. Worth seeing again and again.

  • Incredible, so many beans that make you travel, salivate and dream. There’s something for everyone. Endlessly beautiful.

  • What a feast for the eyes and taste buds.
    Congratulations on taking us on a journey through these fabulous collections. Well done to the Mrat team.

  • A most remarkable exhibition. All categories of broad beans, covering virtually every field, are represented. Remarkable pieces. A truly original and spectacular idea. Many thanks to the organisers.

Practical information



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Exhibition 2023
from 23 April to 12 November
Every day from 10 to 12 a.m.
and from 2 to 6 p.m.

Christmas Market
from December 3 to 30
Open every day from 10 to 12 a.m. and from 2 to 6 p.m.


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15, rue Saint-Jacques
21230 Arnay-le-Duc



6 € for one person
Reduced rate and group rate: 5 €.
Children : free until 8 years old.
Cards, checks, cash.