Exhibition 2024: until November 11

Une tête signée Christine Viennet.

Exceptional tableware and unusual creations

The arts of the table provide the ideal setting for a convivial atmosphere, fruitful discussions and unusual encounters. They provide an opportunity to discover different traditions, countries and aesthetics, as well as services of historic value. Every exhibition is an invitation to travel through time and space.

After all, isn’t the best omen of a successful dinner to be found in the admiring, even dazzled gaze cast on a beautiful table? The pleasure of shapes, materials and decorations: earthenware, porcelain for the plates, crystal for the glasses, silver or vermeil for the cutlery. The creations of Christine Viennet and Philippe Orliac will also be on show.

Assiettes Philippe Orliac - Longchamp
L'affiche de l'exposition 2024

2023 : Festive delicacies

From the galette des Rois to the thirteen desserts

A santon

It’s winter, the days are short, it’s grey and cold, but the holiday season brings its share of compensating sweets
The kitchens are filled with the scent of spices and baking cakes. In many regions, Christmas, Epiphany … have their dedicated recipes. Bredele, gingerbread, kouglofs … so many delicacies that use moulds, cookie cutters, specific objects.
As for the santons, they are inseparable from the thirteen desserts. And the beans, so various that they are the joy of collectors, are nestled in the frangipane of the galettes des Rois.
On the occasion of its 2023 exhibition, the Regional Tableware House honours these festive objects and publishes a charm.


A galette topped by a crown, with a bean.
A santon (woman).

Previous Exhibitions

Des chopes de bière

Beers, glasses and bottles…
are being foamed up


 For some years now, the production and consumption of beer has been booming. The diversity, the variety of shapes and materials of the containers was worth an exhibition. Which could be enjoyed without moderation.

Vaisselle de Saint-Uze.


The nostalgia of convivial moments is adorned with the blues of the Drôme and the dinnerware of Saint-Uze.

Panthères, objets décoratifs de l'exposition "Destins croisés".

Cross Destinies


Regional House of tableware and Longchamps’s faience factory: 1980–2020.

Une table de l'Orient Express


Visiting an exhibition is also travelling, especially if it invites you to travel the world!

Moules et gaufriers.

Sweet stories


Fruits, desserts and jams are even more delicious in attractive containers.

Assiettes de l'exposition "Faune et flore dans les arts de la table".


A tribute exhibition to the plant and animal world.

Bouteilles Legras

When Bottles, Pots and Jars Overshadow Their Contents


But also a retrospective exhibition of the work of Théodore Legras.

Des assiettes "parlantes".


Rediscover how, since the end of the 18th century, tableware could be a medium, a means of transmitting news and legends, sometimes in a humorous way. The Gazette in the plate in short!

Vache et sa laitière, polychrome.


Milk has been part of our diet since ancient times. It is a natural source of well-being. Rich in nutrients, milk has a long history.

Des théières et des tisanières.


Table pieces, utility pieces, decorative pieces? Let’s leave it up to each of us to do what we want with them. But let’s not forget their history, linked to that of plants and the secrets they generate.

Photo de l'exposition "le bleu dans les arts de la table".

Blue in all its states: shades, styles of dishes, materials …


Blue in all its states: shades, styles of dishes, materials…

A dish by Bernard de Palissy


Around the works and collection of Christine Viennet, an artist from the South-West of France, internationally renowned for her Palissist creations, the story of Bernard Palissy, the famous 16th-century ceramist, is told.

Des coquetiers.


The Egg cup tells his story… refers to the definition: “Small cup, small support to serve an egg cooked in its shell”. This object dates back to 1520, although it seems that the Romans were already eating boiled eggs…

Des saucières.

Sauces, spices, condiments and tableware


A liquid or semiliquid culinary preparation, the sauce accompanies another preparation. Its preparation and cooking are independent of those of the dish it’s accompanying.

Une des dînettes de l'exposition.

Dinners of our chilhood


Nowadays, nothing is more serious than the history of toys. This is evidenced by the books, magazines, and other auctions devoted to them. The collectors and the amateurs of old ‘toys’ are more and more numerous. Nostalgia of a past childhood?

Photo de l'exposition "Couverts et coutellerie française du XIXe siècle".

Cutlery and French cutlery of the 19th century;


List of Exhibitions since 1981

Until 2002, the exhibitions were installed for two years. But since then, a new team has taken up the challenge of changing the theme each year. Here is the list.
1981: from cooking to gourmet food;
1982 : the hotel business in Burgundy;
1983 : bread, cheese, knife;
1984 : from jug to glass;
1985 : the written word and the table;
1986 – 1987 : egg story;
1988 – 1989 : sugar cubes;
1990 – 1991 : vive la vigne et le vin;
1992 – 1993 : beef bourguignon;
1994 – 1995 : coffee is served;
1996 – 1997 : full of spices;
1998 – 1998 : in the pig, all is good;
2000 – 2001 : brandy ;
2002 : the Arts of the table from the XVIIIth century to our days;
2003 : soups and tureens;
2004 : tea, coffee, chocolate;
2005 : the great tables on plate decoration;
2006 : sweets, cookies, delicacies;
2007 : cutlery and French cutlery of the 19th century;
2008 : dinners of our childhood ;
2009 : the eggcup tells its story;
2010 : blue in the art of the table;
2011 : sauces, spices, condiments and table arts;
2012 : barbotines, majolica, trompe-l’oeil… in the wake of Bernard de Palissy;
2013: teapots, herbal tea, pharmacy pots, secrets of plants;
2014 : the milkmaid and the milk pot… milk, its derivatives and the arts of the table;
2015: history, short stories, news in the plate talking plates, plates with history;
2016: bottles, jugs, jugs and jars are a hit;
2017: flora and fauna in tableware;
2018: sweet stories, fruit desserts and sweets ;
2019: table art also rhymes with travel;
2020: crossed destinies;
2021 : Saint-Uze, my grandmother’s tableware;
2022 : bocks, glasses, bottles… are being foamed up;
2023 : Festive delicacies From the galette des Rois to the thirteen desserts.

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