Exhibition 2022

Beers, glasses and bottles…
are being foamed up

Montage : une bouteille avec le logo de la Maison régionale.

Made for more than eight thousand years, described as liquid food, synonymous with celebration, the most consumed drink in the world after water and tea, beer is inextricably linked to the history of humanity. Cervoise among the Gauls, it officially became ‘beer’ in 1435, with an order from Charles VII.
The Middle Ages saw the emergence of breweries, both monastic and secular. In the 19th and 20th centuries, scientific (Pasteur) and technical advances led to the development of brewing. For some years now, the production and consumption of beer has been booming. The diversity, the variety of shapes and materials of the containers is worth an exhibition. And it can be enjoyed without moderation.

Des chopes de blère.
L'affiche de l'exposition 2022.

Guestbook: excerpts

Every year, a guestbook is made available to visitors who wish to share their impressions.
We have leafed through it and selected the most representative ones.

  • Exceptional exhibition for the quantity of exhibits and the diversity of information on beer. Congratulations.

  • Very nice exhibition. We admire the work done to renew the exhibition every year. Bravo for everything.

  • This exhibition is remarkable… Congratulations to all the volunteers who made this possible. I encourage you to continue. Long live the arts of the table! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Magnificent exhibition! Interesting, educational, a nice discovery of beer glasses. Bravo for the organisation, the presentation, the research…

  • Once again, we find here both an original and very pleasant exhibition to visit. Thank you to Éveline and her team for organising such an encounter with an ancient culture that is coming back into fashion. We will be able to talk about this success so that many visits will take place.

  • Bravo, an incredible research, a high quality exhibition, which also allows a better understanding of the history and techniques of beer.  

  • Thank you for putting on such a beautiful exhibition. We come every year and are always in awe. Thank you to all the participants who set up the different displays. The presentation, the explanations: everything is perfect!
    We look forward to the 2023 exhibition.

  • Extraordinary exhibition which enchanted us. This museum deserves a national promotion. I hope to see this work highlighted in the future.

  • As a collector of all glass objects, including stemmed glasses and carafes. I was, of course, dazzled by the exhibition. Bravo to the whole team, because I dreamed, dreamed…

  • Surprising exhibition! Enriching, a great discovery. Thank you very much for your patience, for having installed and highlighted these three thousand pieces of collection.

  • Very nice exhibition, pleasant welcome. The town of Arnay-le-Duc can be proud of this museum which opens up an unusual cultural heritage.

  • Exceptional museum and collections. Very friendly welcome and local documentation available. A place to support!

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Open until November 11

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Reduced rate and group rate: 5 €.
Children : free until 8 years old.
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