Cross Destinies: 1980–2020

With the new confinement, the Maison régionale des Arts de la table had to close its doors.

The exhibition posterThe Covid 19 having passed through there, the exhibition planned for this year had to be postponed. But the reopening and an opportunity offered by the calendar allow us to bounce back and, from July 5, ‘Cross Destinies – Regional House of tableware and Longchamp earthenware factory’ will celebrate the 40 years of the association and pay tribute to its two founders, Pierre Meunier and Henry Moisand.

Pierre Meunier, mayor of Arnay-le-Duc from 1971 to 1983, very active during his term of office, among other things, created the Régional House of tableware, a structure that was then unique in France. His birth is intimately linked to his friendship with Henry Moisand, then director of the Longchamp earthenware factory. The latter was also the founding President of the National Committee for the Tableware in Paris.

A beautiful collection of pieces from the collections of the Longchamp earthenware factory and those of private collectors will enliven a large part of the Museum.

And, for the first time, showcases from the Regional House will be reserved for the various gifts and legacies received during these years.