Sweet stories

Open from April 21 to November 11, the exhibition lets you discover the world of fruit, desserts and sweets in the arts of the table.

‘Dessert is the keystone of the meal’ Aurélien Cacot in Egnam el tressed (Spanish).

The first desserts were made with honey and dried fruit. It was not until the Middle Ages, when sugar was manufactured, that people began to enjoy sweeter desserts, but they were so expensive that they were reserved for the rich on special occasions.

In modern Western culture, dessert is the last dish served during a meal and gives pride of place to sweetness.

The 2018 exhibition, ‘Sweet Stories, Fruits, Desserts and Sweets’, make a special reference to jams, its history and jars, sugar and elegant containers, honey, fruit and pastries, can be even tastier if presented in carefully shaped objects and decorations. A festival for the senses.

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