When the plates talk and are funny…

‘History, news, news in the plate… Talking plates, historiated plates.’ Rediscover how since late eighteenth tableware could be a media, a means to transmit information, legends, in a humorous way. Gazette on the plate, in other words!

Some were patronymic, other containing Masonic Symbols, others relate stories of hunting or riding, world exhibitions, the latest technological innovations such as the railway and automobile, the Fables of La Fontaine… In the nineteenth century to decorate the festive meals multiply charades, rebus, riddles and proverbs of all kinds.

Plates of military world
Inescapable, the joviality of the squadron popularise a smiling and joyful image of the French army before the conflict of 14–18 reminds crueller realities. Beautiful colourful earthenware to discover; a nice programme for a visit that address to all: a real earthenware and porcelain library where you can spend hours and hours. A lively and animated exhibition that address to all audiences, all ages.

Plates created today

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