‘Sauces, spices, condiments and tableware’

2011, Exhibitions

The Regional House of Arts of the Table honours the history of Gravy boats and sauces ‘sauce is a culinary preparation liquid or semi-liquid destiny accompanies another preparation. The preparation and cooking sauce is independent of the dish it accompanies. In French cuisine, in the composition of a sauce, come into general liquid, fat, spices or condiments. Gourmets underline that sauce should enhance the dish it accompanies.’

It is in the eighteenth century that specific dishes whose design is designed to collect a particular dish. Although they were abandoned over time, they reflect the culinary habits of their time on the aesthetic and attractive aspects, the gravy boat belongs.

But can we speak of sauces and gravy boats without mentioning the oil, vinegar, mustard, salt, spices, condiments, which have always occupied a very important place, and after being locked up very carefully, have been made available to the guests in small, sometimes very original containers?

Saltcellars, pepper shakers, oil and vinegar cruets, mustard pots, jars and spice cans, mortars … also have their place in the exhibition to answer questions such as this: why are the first table mustard barrel shaped?

Important objects of the eighteenth century to today perfectly illustrate this theme accessible to all.