The Egg cup tells his story…

The Egg tells his story … refers to the definition: “Small cup, small support to serve a cooked egg in its shell.” This object dates from 1520, although it would seem that the Romans ate soft boiled eggs: we could extract from the ruins of Pompeii four egg cups in a set of objects.

Adoring soft-boiled eggs, Louis XV started a new fashion. Authorized Parisians attended the royal meal to admire the King cutting the top of the egg with deftness and dexterity while it was announced: “Attention, the King will eat his egg.” He enjoyed it in a gold egg cup. This of the future Queen was made of Sèvres porcelain, sky blue, and this of Mary-Antoinette was a blue glass cup placed in a silver holder.

All materials were used for egg cups: porcelain, ceramic, wood, tin, silver, terracotta, glass… Over time, it adopts all possible forms, from classic “hen to nest,” to the tale characters or fables, animals, cartoons and various objects.