Doll tea sets of our childhood

2008, Exhibitions

Today, nothing is more serious than the history of toys. Books, magazines, and other auctions devoted to them prove this. The number of Collectors and fans of old toys grow up. Nostalgia of a past childhood?

Unconscious reminiscences of a time when happiness seemed linked to the rarity and fragility of these old toys? Or simply interest in these objects that have withstood the ravages of time. Still, that toys and old tea sets made in faience share their fragility.

Some doll tea sets

Yseult Bouriez entrust some of her pieces to the Regional House for the duration of this exhibition. Yseult Bouriez is a passionate collector who has always thought that the acquisition of an object’s commitment to assume his new play renaissance. Every new peace takes place and meaning in the entire collection: isolated, protected, restored, and redefined in fact its substance.