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Barbotine XXem

‘Barbotines, majolica, trompe l’oeil … in the path of Palissy’

Around the works and collection of Christine Viennet, a southwest artist internationally recognised for its palissystes creations, is told the story of Bernard Palissy, the famous ceramist of the 16th. To this collection, super hymn to nature, are added barbotines, majolica, trompe l’oeil objects, from the remotest times to the present. These items, parts from private collections and museums, make this exhibition a haven of freshness and colours.

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‘Sauces, spices, condiments and tableware’

The Regional House of Arts of the Table honours the history of Gravy boats and sauces ‘sauce is a culinary preparation liquid or semi-liquid destiny accompanies another preparation. The preparation and cooking sauce is independent of the dish it accompanies. In French cuisine, in the composition of a sauce, come into general liquid, fat, spices or condiments. Gourmets underline that sauce should enhance the dish it accompanies.’

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