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2020 exhibition postponed

The Maison régionale des Arts de la table scrupulously follows containment instructions. The museum remains closed until further notice.

The 2020 exhibition, which was announced with some rather exceptional presentations, will therefore not see the light of day this year. We deeply regret this and we will do our utmost to renew it in 2021.

Our association will celebrate its 40th anniversary in July and, if the situation allows it, it will be a great honour for us to pay tribute to its two founders, Pierre Meunier and Henri Moisand.

Pierre Meunier, mayor from 1971 to 1983, very active during his term of office has, among other things, created the Maison régionale des Arts de la table, such a structure was then unique in France. The birth of this beautiful and large house is intimately linked to his friendship with Henri Moisand, then director of the Faïencerie de Longchamp. Henri Moisand was the founding president of the National Committee for the Arts of the Table in Paris.

The people of Arnetois can be proud of these two great men, who over the course of their lives could overcome hardships. Paying tribute to them in this difficult period acquires additional legitimacy. When it opens, we will honour them through an exhibition devoted to the wonders made at Longchamp during all these years.

And of course, we will be pleased to welcome all visitors. We will fight to ensure that the Maison régionale des Arts de la table will live on for a very long time to come. If you wish, you can now support our action and help us to perpetuate our establishment by joining the association (€20) or by making a donation.

‘The milkmaid and her pail… the milk, his derivatives and tableware’

Milk is part of our food since the earliest times. It is a natural source of well-being. Rich in nutritive elements, milk has a very long history. Nomadic communities, about 12,000 years ago, after a real agricultural revolution, become sedentary societies, learned to domesticate animals and discover products such as milk. The man becomes the only mammal to consume the milk of other species. The first dairy products like yogurt or cheese are appearing 4,000 years later.

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Barbotine XXem

‘Barbotines, majolica, trompe l’oeil … in the path of Palissy’

Around the works and collection of Christine Viennet, a southwest artist internationally recognised for its palissystes creations, is told the story of Bernard Palissy, the famous ceramist of the 16th. To this collection, super hymn to nature, are added barbotines, majolica, trompe l’oeil objects, from the remotest times to the present. These items, parts from private collections and museums, make this exhibition a haven of freshness and colours.

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‘Sauces, spices, condiments and tableware’

The Regional House of Arts of the Table honours the history of Gravy boats and sauces ‘sauce is a culinary preparation liquid or semi-liquid destiny accompanies another preparation. The preparation and cooking sauce is independent of the dish it accompanies. In French cuisine, in the composition of a sauce, come into general liquid, fat, spices or condiments. Gourmets underline that sauce should enhance the dish it accompanies.’

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