Saint-Uze, the tableware of my grandmother

As soon as the pandemic restrictions were eased, the Regional House team mobilised and worked tirelessly to organise and set up the 2021 exhibition. These opened on 5 June and will close on 14 November.


In the current pandemic context, it is difficult to escape the nostalgia of convivial moments! Combined with the ‘vintage’ fashion, and applied to tableware, it conjures up memories of gourmet snacks, breakfasts with steaming bowls, and fragrant dishes enjoyed at grandparents’ homes. They were often served in variously decorated tableware, of a particular blue colour, which probably came from Saint-Uze.
Saint-Uze ceramics were produced in several villages in the Drôme from the beginning of the 19th century and during the 20th century, particularly in the village of the same name. It has become a favourite with collectors.

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